What is Butter?

Latest technologies

We use the top of the pop to build our stuff.


Flexible modular design to be used as a base for any streaming application


All the content you get is as free as the source code, share the love.

Open source

Get our code on GitHub and contribute.

The groundbreaking vision

A revolutionary way of gathering, sharing and watching video content

Fill the void - There is a lack of Open Source technologies to distribute video content efficiently

We live in a world of text, images and videos. They're everywhere. Open Source technologies to distribute text and images are common, but we lack the video equivalent.   We bring world-class, highly distributed and decentralized technologies to their limits.   Being open is our core value. Our technology stack is packaged and documented, allowing the tech-savvy to be part of the deployment of world-class applications for their communities.

Empower people - The current video distribution solutions are patented, expensive and require massive infrastructures

In contrast to the text-distribution revolution that built the Internet we all love, in the video world a few companies hold patents-locked technologies to position themselves as the exclusive media curators.   Through peer-to-peer, our infrastructure costs shrink to zero as demand grows reverting the traditional growth paradigm. We have a zero trolling, censorship resistant, decentralized solution.   We empower emerging societies and educational organisations to enter the video distribution race side-by-side to the biggest players by making user-focused tools to build solid VOD solutions, handling the whole media workflow with close-to-zero pre-required technical knowledge or infrastructures.

Connect the world - Content is moving to a 'global digital' state excluding poorly or not-at-all connected areas

Big media companies get to decide and influence how, when, where and what video is seen, destroying local contents in favor of global ones. Their centralized business models and technologies render popular content unavailable in remote areas: the cultural inclusion is bound to the Internet access, and the digital breach grows.   Our user-owned technology makes the video content available in places with poor to no internet, we have working solutions working out of a $20 USD of-the-shelves wifi access point with a pendrive.   We've already proven that peer-to-peer technologies can be embedded in a complete product for a minimal human and monetary cost. We're working with Governments, NGOs, small ISPs and commercial networks to build a strong engaged community around our vision. We feel it’s very important for all participators to sense that the core idea of Butter makes inevitable the share of open-source code to many developers. Only together can we take Butter to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

100% free and legal?

Yes. The content in our demo app comes from vodo.net, archive.org and CCC Media. All their content is licensed under some kind of Creative Commons license. We may add other sources, but it will always be under at least the same terms.

How are you connected to Popcorn Time?

We grabbed the code. We at the Butter Project like to work on the underlying technologies because that is what is cool. What others use it for is not our call. We're in for the fun.

Can I use your code for my own application?

Yes, you can. Butter is designed for easy forking, you probably won't have to change the core a lot (if you do, send us the patches). Keep in mind that Butter is GPL so you'll have to follow the license in the repository. You're free to do whatever you want. We might even be able to help you.

Do you accept donations?

We're still setting up and are only slowly getting this part sorted out, for now you can throw bitcoins at us here

Once we properly get setup, we'll create new channels.